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Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Colibri Oriole Feeder

* Sculpted oranges attract orioles, mockingbirds, and other fruit eaters
* Use with instant nectar or create your own fruity concoction
* Gem-cut bottle holds a full pint and a half of liquid

The sculpted metal oranges which adorn the Colibri Oriole Feeder are like a dinner bell for hungry birds. Beautiful 24 oz. "gem-cut" glass reservoir bottle nests within a deep Forest Green decorative wire basket and chain. Screw-in, no-drip base. Three distinctive orange slice feeding ports and wire perches. Built for years of easy-care service. 7" x 14" high. Holds a full pint and a half of nectar.

7" x 14" high, GS-16518

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